Tips to help you sleep well!

Can Stress Cause Sleep Problems?


You gaze at the alarm clock. It’s 2 a.m. You have already wanted to snooze since 11.30, but you are still lying awake. Your thoughts are racing. Your muscles are tight. You believe that you will never get to sleep. Sounds familiar? If that's the case, you happen to be among the 60 million folks in the USA who are suffering from some type of insomnia or sleep disorders. 


A recently published study by the National Sleep Foundation shows that 58 % of men and women in America encounter sleeplessness at least a couple of nights per week. Insomnia grows as we grow older, impacting around 40 % of women and 30 % of men.


There are numerous reasons for insomnia, but a lot of us can’t get to sleep mainly due to the fact that we are basically way too stressed. Stress significantly contributes to all kinds of medical problems - from weight increase to heart issues - and it appears inevitable in today’s fast-lived world.

We might not be in a position to remove all the stress from our day-to-day lives, but we are able to reduce it. Here are a few tips:


* Write a task list. Arrange your up coming activities into 3 groups: “Phone Calls,” “Stuff to Buy, “Other things To Do.” Assign a precise time to every task, and be assured that you will not end up in chaos


* Relax. Take a break prior to going to bed. Read a book or listen to music and sip a mug of tea or drink a glass of warm milk. Generate a barrier between your busy day and your bedtime.


* Loosen up your body. Our muscles are tense, particularly the neck and lower back muscles. Stretching routines are able to relieve this tension and you can do them even in bed. When going to bed just lay flat on your back for a couple of minutes. Tighten and unwind every muscle of your body from your feet to your temples.


* Try out a sleep product. Non-habit-forming products are quick to obtain. For example, the spray Insomnia is a natural option to prescription medications. This spray assists you to relax and eases you into deep sleep. According to the manufacturer the spray is made with natural substances and it causes no side effects.

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